The UK health & social care sector is under constant pressure in terms of data protection and information security challenges against the financial cost of these services. Many care providers risk a malicious cyberattack due to operating without supported medical devices or staff focused on clinical care rather than cyber security and data privacy.

The care sector also has various additional compliance standards to meet from stakeholders such as the CQC, NHS or local authorities including helping your organisation to successfully publish NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) at Standards Met.

To support private social care providers and give them peace of mind and access to expert data protection advice and guidance, as well as support with NHS DSPT renewals, we created “CareSecure” – a package of support designed and priced to meet the needs and budgets of the sector.

CareSecure starts from £99 per month + VAT, and offers the benefit of direct Data Privacy, DSPT and Cyber Security advice from our dedicated team, helping to ensure that you mitigate risk and work towards regulation compliance, all for a low cost.

Included up to thirty minutes of dedicated advice per month:

Data Protection Officer as a service (DPOaaS)The membership gives you access to a Data Protection Officer. This service includes updating Policies and Procedures, helping to implement Records of Processing Activity (RoPA), employee training, and being the point of contact with the Supervisory Authority. We will also advise you on any aspect of data protection and changes to the legislation through our Advisory Notes, this all comes from your time allocation.
GDPR Policies and ProceduresWithin the time allocation, we will help establish a Data Privacy Framework and update as necessary your current Policies and Procedures. We will help your organisation establish a Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) which forms part of the legal requirement of the UK GDPR
Employee Training & AwarenessFrom your time allocation, you can choose to train and update staff in data privacy awareness to help comply with GDPR. Our training is sector relevant and delivered via online live sessions,
NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT)As part of your time allocation we can work with your organisation to help successfully publish NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit at Standards Met through working within the online assessment as the Administrator, leading “live” project sessions.

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