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The UK Health & Social Care sector is under constant pressure from the threat of both malicious cyber-attacks
and/or accidental data breaches, which results from a combination of factors unique to the profession:

  • Every care provider processes special category personal data (UK GDPR)
  • Health data is incredibly valuable, and readily available on the dark web
  • Many care providers are using out of date technology
  • There is insufficient data privacy or cyber risk training across the sector
  • Care service owners/managers are forced to manage tight budgets, and choose which areas to focus on, often at the expense of data privacy and cyber security

UK Government has initiated a plan to promote cyber resilience across the health and care sectors by 2030,
protecting both services and patients. The plan is designed to ensure that care services are better protected from cyber threats, further securing sensitive information and ensuring patients can continue accessing care safely as the NHS continues to cut waiting lists.

In support of this plan and to help health and social care providers across the UK, Moore ClearComm has created a dedicated service for health and social care providers, “CareSecure”.

CareSecure combines a range of essential support and services for the sector, tailored to manage and reduce the risks care providers face, with a range of fee options to suit all sizes and types of care service.

Unlimited Data Privacy Advice
NHS DSPT Advice & Guidance
Digital Cyber Risk Report
NHS DSPT Project Management
Cyber Essential Certification
Data Protection as a Service
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£125 per month£175 per month£300 per month
CareSecure membership services explained
Unlimited Data Privacy
You have unlimited access to a Data Privacy Adviser to benefit from expert advice on:
1. Issues related to GDPR, DPA 2018, and data privacy; and
2. Maintaining Article 30 records of processing.
3. Receive broad guidance on managing DSARs (data subject access requests) and
handling data breaches.
Advice and Guidance
The DSPT Advisor offers expert guidance on how to effectively use the DSPT, a self assessment tool provided by the NHS. Their role involves helping your organisations to navigate the ten data security standards set by the National Data Guardian, identifying areas of vulnerability, and suggesting necessary improvements. Your NHS DSPT Advisor will help guide your organisation in fostering a culture of data protection promoting patient trust.
Digital Cyber Risk
Using Darkbeam technology we produce a digital cyber risk report that gives a hacker’s eye view of your organisation. This report will uncover data breaches, stolen credentials, shared servers, missing security certificates and more.

Using real-time investigative software, which crawls both the dark and surface web, the report will explain your digital cyber risk and highlight the areas where mitigating action should be taken helping your organisation to reduce its exposure and risk.
NHS DSPT Project ManagementYou allocated DSPT Project Manager will oversee and work with your organisation to help
successfully publish NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit at Standards Met through
working within the online assessment as the Administrator, leading “live” project sessions.
Unlimited Data Privacy
We certify your organisation to Cyber Essentials. The five controls within the Cyber
Essentials scheme are designed to help protect your organisation against cyber-attacks
and guard your internet connection, devices, data and services.
Data Protection as a Service
You organisation will be appointed as your Data Protection Officer. Your DPO will advise
and oversee updating Policies and Procedures, help to implement Records of Processing
(RoPA), deliver employee training, and being the point of contact with the Supervisory
Authority. We will also advise you on any aspect of data protection and changes to the
legislation through our Advisory Notes.

The provision of Unlimited Data Privacy Advice is subject to our Fair Usage Policy as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

The Premium Service includes Data Protection as a Service, which is limited to one hour per month. Any additional hours will be charged, subject to mutual agreement

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