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IT Auditing

IT Auditing

In response to evolving audit standards [ISA315] and technology landscapes, our IT Assurance teams provides IT Auditing services to help your clients stay compliant and understand the potential risks surrounding their current technology landscape.

IT Assurance supports your Financial Statements audit through analysing and assessing your client’s technological infrastructure to ensure processes and systems run accurately and efficiently, while remaining secure and meeting compliance regulations.

Our team can help you to identify any IT issues that fall under the audit, specifically those related to security and risk management.

Where issues are identified, IT auditors are responsible for communicating their findings to others in the organization and offering solutions to improve or change processes and systems to ensure security and compliance.

IT Assurance Approach

Our IT Audit Team provides expert services to assist clients with evaluating the effectiveness of their internal controls

within the IT environment. This includes design and operational effectiveness reviews for GITCs & ITACs across

diverse entreprise resource planning and custom applications. Depending on the requirement, this may also involve data migration evaluations, interface controls reviews, access and functional segregation assurance.

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